Through the lens of a camera, I convey my view of the world using light and angles to capture theMartha headshot essence of a moment in time. As I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, I often listened to tales of my grandparents’ cultural experiences growing up abroad. These tales, combined with my curiosity and love of the outdoors, influenced me to explore everything from my backyard to traveling overseas. In sharing these experiences, I hope to provide a glimpse of how I view a breath of fresh air while striving to create my own series of stories.

Growing up in Alabama involved playing in the woods, running around from the pool deck to my joining youth cross country and track teams, riding my bike all over Jones Valley farm and playing (hiking, trail running, picnicking) on Monte Sano Mountain. My passion for trail running, entertaining friends, gardening and eating have followed me to North Carolina, where I love to capture those moments with my camera as I’m able.

A Breath of Fresh Air Photography encompasses so much of how I view life – as a runner taking one breath at a time on the trails, hiking and enjoying amazing views and thankful for each breath that I’m still able to take as I love to explore new places and cultures. I love vibrant colors and the simple things life has to offer.